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Welcome to
As our name implies, this site is dedicated to celebrity census records! Whether the person was born a celebrity or was an ancestor of someone who would later achieve noteriety, they're name is sitting on a census schedule somewhere — just waiting to be found.

We've collected nearly 1,000 entries to date and are working on a format to share them online for your education and enjoyment.

Why Census Records?
Census records are among the most useful of all records available for family historians. By featuring notable names found in various census records, we combine entertainment and education, helping you learn about census records available for your own family.

Special Feature —
American Civil Rights Pioneers

Be sure to visit the census schedules for some of our American Civil Rights Pioneers, including Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In our Fun category, we have an entry for:

Dott Com

Census: United States
Year: 1910
Gender: Male
Born: 1864, North Carolina
Age: 46
Home at time of Census:
Ivy, Buncombe, North Carolina

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While this site is focused on Celebrity census, there are a host of other record types and Web sites that may be of interest. Here are some of our favorites:

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